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Please use this form to contact ACE

It is with a heavy heart I have to say that I can no longer answer direct enquiries, please continue to send suggestions for additional accessible locations and details of listings requiring updating etc but due to the demands on my time I just can’t keep up with enquiries requesting specific information.

I try to put all the info I have on the site, if you can’t find it there I am unlikely to have anything more, there are also links to other organisations which you can try, these will be better financed and staffed and can probably give you more detailed answers than I.

The ACE inbox is also getting increasingly more spam on a daily basis and dealing with this eats into the precious time I can spend attending to the site. I continue to do what I can to develop the site and promote accessibility to leisure and sport.
I hope that you will understand and continue to use and support the site and its aims.

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