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Standard Listings and Advertising on ACE

If you would like your group, business or charity to have a standard 6 line listing on the ACE website please use the form below to send your request.

The listing will normally appear on a page associated to the relevant area, making it easily accessible to users, our pages are optimised for search engines such as Google and receive good ranking positions, making them available to as wide an audience as possible.

The annual fee is currently £35.00 . The fees are charged on a 12 month basis. Discounts are available where the same listing is to be displayed on multiple pages. These fees are kept to a minimum to encourage as many listings as possible to benefit both the advertisers and website users - the proceeds help to keep this site going.

There are no extra set up fees.

Please use the template below to set out the text. When you are happy with the wording complete the verification box and simply press send.

Your application will be processed and the listing will be set up on a page we deem to be appropriate, then an invoice for the £35.00 fee will be sent - the process is as simple as that.

Please note that the IP address of the sender may be recorded for security purposes - your IP Address, email and phone number are for ACE use only and will not be sold or otherwise provided to any other organisation (except for law enforcement).

By submitting a listing or advert request you are agreeing to these terms. The business listed must be able to cater for wheelchair users. In an effort to protect the good name of ACE and the businesses associated with it, we reserve the right to refuse or remove any advert or listing at our discretion without refund or notice. All listings and adverts are published at our discretion. Our decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered in to.

All listings and adverts must give fair and accurate information and comply with the Advertising Standards Authority codes of practice. This is a family friendly site and we will not knowingly promote any website, product or service that does not correspond with our ethos.

If a minor alteration is required during the year (e.g. a change of telephone number) there will be no charge made, however multiple or substantial changes will be charged for at an agreed rate.


Please complete this section - these details are not for publication

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