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Privacy Policy
(For the purposes of this policy statement ‘we’ refers to Neil Pedley the publisher, Exnisus Web Design and the website its self)

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website(s) visitors; this policy sets out how we will treat your personal information.

What information do we collect?
We may collect, store and use the following kinds of data:

Analytics information
We use “Google Analytics” which collects information about your visits to and use of the website (Typically this includes your IP address, geographical location, browser type, referral source, length of visit and number of page views) – This is anonymous, there is no personal information included. This is used in analysis to help us understand how the site is used, what is effective and where further development may be required.    

Contact Information and Correspondence
If you contact us by email or via an online form (which is delivered via email) this communication is archived by our email service provider or in our own system as a record of correspondence. For security reasons we record the IP address of online form users, this is necessary in case of unauthorised correspondence being made, to identify the sender.

Your contact details will only be used in connection with our business, we do not sell or otherwise distribute your personal details to third parties. As we publish a number of websites we may contact you in relation to these where we think it appropriate.

Publication on the website
If you request a listing, advertisement, article or other item to be published we may include a website link, email details or telephone number at our discretion. It is our general practice to check with the requestor regarding errors or amendments upon publication.
If you request publicity for an item or event for one of our websites at our discretion we may also include it on one or more of our other websites. General practice would be to inform the requestor of this and ask for all items to be checked for errors or amendments.
If we voluntarily include a listing (at our discretion) this will only contain information, website links, email addresses or telephone numbers that are already in the public domain (generally taken from the organisations own website)

In simple terms cookies are small packets of information passed to your web browser when you visit a website. These may be “session” cookies which expire when you close your browser or “persistent” which may have an expiry date.
On our websites these are used in a number of ways, some are used in processes or functions performed by the website, for example remembering and setting display settings, others are used for analytical purposes and some in providing data to advertisers.

Our analytics and advertising are provided by reputable partner organisations.
The table below sets out the cookies that may be used on this website

Cookie name Type Cookie used for From Expiry Site coverage
style 1st party Contact / order form 1 yr Possible On all pages
tntcon 1st party Contact / order form when browser is closed Possible Contact / Advertising pages
fmalertcookies 1st party Cookie Permission 1 yr Possible On all pages
PREF 3rd party translate 2yr Possible On pages with translation
PREF 3rd party translate 2yr Possible On pages with translation
__utmt 3rd party Analytics 1hr Possible On all pages
__utma 3rd party Analytics 2yr Possible On all pages
__utmb 3rd party Analytics 30 min Possible On all pages
__utmc 3rd party Analytics when browser is closed Possible On all pages
__utmz 3rd party Analytics 6 months Possible On all pages
_drt_ 3rd party Advertising
(Google AdSense)
12 hrs Possible On all pages with Adverts
id 3rd party Advertising
(Google AdSense)
2 yrs On all pages with Adverts
test_cookie (if no id cookie is found) 3rd party Advertising
(Google AdSense)
15 mins Possible on pages with Adverts


The above was produced from  ‘cookie audits’ taken on 3/05/2012 and 3/03/2015, last updated in April 2016
We endeavour to exclude unnecessary cookies wherever possible to be compliant with EU and UK Privacy Law.

Google Adverts (Adsense)
Google also offers a number of options to permanently save your opt-out settings in your browser. Opting out of this service will not stop you using our website. Click here to see Google’s privacy statement


Google Analytics

Google also provide a method of blocking Google Analytics cookies see


Most browsers offer options to allow / block cookies – see for more information on this

If you have any further questions about how we collect store and use data please contact us using the online contact form.


Cloud storage is not used for personal or invoice information, where it is used it is for backup of published or publicly available items such as archiving published PDF documents

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